Does it necessary to have a life vest jacket for dogs in water?

//Does it necessary to have a life vest jacket for dogs in water?

Does it necessary to have a life vest jacket for dogs in water?

Dog Life Jacket Reviews: It is believed that every dog can swim; many dog owners think their dogs can swim. It is a general assumption that dogs are born natural swimmers. Yet, this assumption is not completely correct. If about 99% of dogs are excellent swimmers. Why then do hundreds of dogs tragically lose their lives by drowning every year?

More often than, dogs die in their master’s own ponds and swimming pools. This is one reason dog life jacket is a necessity than luxury.

The fact is that not all dogs can swim, even some that are considered to be “water dogs.” Some breeds are not suitable for swimming; and dogs with health problems, puppies, and old dogs may be put at risk. The law requires boaters to provide a life jacket for each person on board.

Adult dogs drown as well, but puppies are more at risk

Adult dogs drown as well, but puppies are more at risk. A pet such as a dog life jacket is equally important if you take your dog with you on a boat or spend an afternoon swimming and playing in the pool or on the beach.

Boating can be a fun summer activity as long as everyone on board stays safe, including dogs. Swimming can as well be dangerous for dogs if the body of water has strong currents, such as rivers or oceans.

Long-haired dogs may have issues with swimming because their excess hair weighs them when they are wet. Little dogs need extra care because they cannot fight against moving water due to their size. This can happen in lakes or river or in a pool with people splashing around.

Even if your dog falls into the water, life jacket has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to move it to the boat or hold it until you maneuver your watercraft closer to the beach.

Dog life jackets can save both humans and animal lives.

There are many reasons your dog need a life jacket if you take them out on a boat in the river or on the lake, even in a pool. If they fall overboard, they may be knocked unconscious or injure themselves. A floating dog jacket will keep them afloat pending when they are rescued.

In case of an accident on a boat, people will be rescued first, and the dog life jacket will protect your dog until he could be rescued.

It does not take much of an ocean wave to makes you overlook a dog that’s fallen overboard. River currents can easily sweep dogs downstream if your boat is capsized, and a wave action can make it difficult to detect a dog bobbing and trying to swim between branches of trees and other debris. Hypothermia can occur in less than 30 minutes when exposed to water temperatures of 50 degrees or cooler and makes it difficult to stay afloat. A shiny colored dog life jacket can make it easier to spot the floating dogs in the water.

Which dogs are in danger of drowning?

Older dogs with arthritis may wear a life jacket to help them exercise by swimming in a pool. It will be easier on the dog joints and still provide fun for them. Walking is good for arthritis, but it can be complicated to walk on hard surfaces if the dog has severe pain. However, they will wear out easily if they try to swim without a life jacket.

Most dog Breeds are bred to work in water and have water-resistant coats, webbed feet, and a tail that acts as a rudder. Although these breeds are at ease in water and are considered good swimmers, they still face problems in some situation, particularly if they get tired.

Dogs with a large chest and small hindquarter are heavy and not good swimmers. Boxers, Bulldogs, and Dachshunds have difficulty staying afloat and are more likely to drown like a rock. And dogs with pushed in noses and short legs dog breeds get tire easily.

Dog life jackets are life savers!

A dog fallen or jumped from a boat into the ocean or river may have a hard time swimming back to shore and may not have the stamina to do so. Unexpected situations can develop quickly, which can put your dog in the water. A well-designed Dog Life Jacket keeps your dog’s head above the water, Even though he is unconscious, it will keep the dog afloat when he gets tired. A dog that swims too far from the beach or the river bank to bring a ball or stick can get scared and panic, causing him to go under.

It only takes a few seconds for something to happen, but that does not imply that you and your furry friend cannot have fun when swimming and boating. A Dog Life Jacket gives you the peace of mind of knowing if your dog should have any problem when swimming or falling off the boat or dock, the dog will stay afloat until rescued.

It’s the best way you and your friend can enjoy water activities with a peace of mind. Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With the above mention reasons, it is very necessary to have a dog life jacket for dogs in water.

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